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How to Pass Oracle 1Z0-931 Exam Easily?

February 06,2020

Want to earn Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist certification? You need to pass Oracle 1Z0-931 exam easily. So, how to pass Oracle 1Z0-931 exam easily? I collect some useful Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist 1Z0-931 exam information from Oracle official website. Share them with you below. They will be helpful for you to pass Oracle 1Z0-931 exam. 

How to Pass Oracle 1Z0-931 Exam Easily?

1Z0-931 Exam Information

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist 1Z0-931 exam information is below. 
Number of Questions: 60
Duration: 120 minutes
Passing score: 63%
Format: Multiple Choice
Exam Price: $245

1Z0-931 Exam Topics

Oracle certification 1Z0-931 exam topics cover the following sections.
Autonomous Database Technical Overview
Migration and Data Loading into Autonomous Database
Monitoring Autonomous Database
Provisioning and Connectivity
Managing and Maintaining Autonomous Database
Tools, Reporting and Analytics using Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

1Z0-931 Certification Dumps

Latest Oracle 1Z0-931 certification dumps are available at Passtcert, which are valid for you to pass the test. Share some Oracle 1Z0-931 certification dumps questions below.

1.Users are required to select a service when connecting to Autonomous Data Warehouse and these services match to one of three different consumer groups: High, Medium, and Low. Which statement about these consumer groups is correct?
A. Medium provides intermediate resource and concurrency, and queries run in a serial.
B. Low provides highest concurrency, lowest resources, and DoP =1.
C. High provides highest resources, lowest concurrency, and DoP is 1.
D. High provides highest concurrency and lowest resources, and DoP is 1.
Answer: D

2.When you connect Oracle Analytics Cloud to the Autonomous Data Warehouse, what file needs to be uploaded?
Answer: B

3.Which statement about the Export Wizard used to export database objects and data is NOT correct?
A. If "Dependents" is checked as a DDL Option, for non-privileged users, only dependent objects in their schema are exported.
B. Export DDL includes features such as "Show schema," "Storage," and "Terminator."
C. If "Grants" is checked as a DDL Option, GRANT statements are included for any grant objects on the exported objects, including those owned by the SYS schema.
D. If "Clipboard" is selected as the "Output," the output will be placed on the system clipboard, so that it can be pasted into a file, a command line, or other location appropriate for the format.
Answer: C

Passtcert Oracle 1Z0-931 certification dumps can guarantee you pass the test. If you fail Oracle 1Z0-931 exam with our certification dumps, you can get full payment fee refund. After you complete the above steps, you can pass the test easily.
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