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I passed H11-861-ENU exam with your updated version of 303 Q&As. Thanks.
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Latest H19-302-ENU questions
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Huawei Certification Exam Dumps

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Huawei CertificationHCDPHCIEHCNA
HCDAHCNPHuawei Certified Datacom ProfessionalHCNP-Cloud
HCS-Pre-Sales-Video SurveillanceHCNP-LTE RNPHCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Datacom)HCS-Pre-sales-Transmission Network
HCS-Pre-sales-UCHCS-Pre-sales-Access NetworkHuawei Specialist CertificationHCS-Pre-sales-Server
Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist-Service SolutionHCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Security)HCS-Pre-sales-StorageHCS-Pre-sales-Cloud
HCIE-CloudHCS-Field-ServerHCS-Solution-Transmission & AccessHCNP-WLAN
HCNA-Big DataHCS-Pre-Sales-Big DataHCS-Pre-sales-BiddingHCNA-Cloud Service
HCS-Solution-Big DataHCS-Solution-IDSHCS-Field-Smart PV ControllerHCNA-DCF
HCNP-Big Data DeveloperHCNA-IoTHCS-Wireless Hardware Installation(Written)HCS-Pre-Sales-PV
HCNP-Access NetworkHCS-Solution-Enterprise VideoHCS-Field-IVSHCS-Pre-sales-IP
HCS-Pre-sales ITHCS-Pre-sales-Transmission&AccessHCNP-DCF-BFDOHCNA-AI
HCIE-Data CenterHCNA-LTE RNP & RNOHCNP-LTE RNP & RNOHCS-Pre-sales-Specialist-EC
HCPA-MicrowaveHCPA-WDM/OTN&MSTPHCPA-Unlicensed PMP MicrowaveHCS-Pre-sales-Service Solution
HCNP- Network EnergyHCS-Field-R&SHCS-Field-UPSHCS-Field-MicroDC
HCS-TransimissionHCS-Wireless GUL CommissioningHCS-Microwave Hardware InstallationHCS - FTTX OSP
HCNP-Cloud DataCentre operationsHCS-DatacomeHCDA - OWS Developer
Huawei Exams
H31-211-ENU  Huawei certified Network Associate - HCDA (Carrier IP)
add to cart Add to wish list  374 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 139.00
H35-361-ENU  Huawei Certified Network Professional-IMA
add to cart Add to wish list  145 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 149.00
H19-304-ENU  HCPA-Unified Communications-ENU(Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-Unified Communications-ENU)
add to cart Add to wish list  230 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 159.00
H20-311-ENU  HCS-Field-WLAN (Huawei Certified Field Specialist - WLAN)
add to cart Add to wish list  169 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 129.00
H35-210-ENU  Huawei Certified Network Associate-Access Network
add to cart Add to wish list  299 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 139.00
H19-308-ENU  HCPA-Storage-ENU(Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-Storage-ENU)
add to cart Add to wish list  93 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 159.00
H11-828-ENU  HCNP-UC(Fast Track)(Unified Communication (Fast Track))
add to cart Add to wish list  232 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 169.00
H11-831-ENU  HCNA-CC (Huawei Certified Network Associate-Contact Center)
add to cart Add to wish list  190 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 149.00
H31-122-ENU  Huawei Certified Network Professional - BCRN(Carrier IP)
add to cart Add to wish list  536 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 139.00
H12-223-ENU  HCNP-R&S-IEEP (Huawei Certified Network Professional- Implementing Enterprise Network Engineering Project)
add to cart Add to wish list  160 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 159.00
H13-511-ENU  HCNA-Cloud-BCCP (Building Cloud Computing Platform)
add to cart Add to wish list  154 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 149.00
H12-222-ENU  HCNP-R&S-IENP (Huawei Certified Network Professional-Improving Enterprise Network Performance)
add to cart Add to wish list  285 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 159.00
H19-306-ENU  HCPA-Telepresence and Videoconferencing-ENU (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-Telepresence and Videoconferencing-ENU)
add to cart Add to wish list  200 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 139.00
H13-623-ENU  HCNP-Storage-CDPS(Huawei Certified Network Professional - Constructing Data Protection System)
add to cart Add to wish list  163 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 189.00
H31-331-ENU  Huawei Certified Network Professional-OTN Transmission
add to cart Add to wish list  186 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 129.00
H31-311-ENU  Huawei Certified Network Associate-Transmission
add to cart Add to wish list  199 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 139.00
H31-321-ENU  Huawei Certified Network Professional-MSTP Transmission
add to cart Add to wish list  138 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 129.00
H12-722-ENU  HCNP-Security-CSSN (Constructing Service Security Network)
add to cart Add to wish list  170 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 159.00
H12-261-ENU  HCIE-R&S (Written) (Expert - Routing & Switching)
add to cart Add to wish list  264 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 169.00
H12-723-ENU  HCNP-Security-CTSS (Constructing Terminal Security System)
add to cart Add to wish list  177 Q&As Updated: December 09,2018   Price:$ 159.00
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