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Welcome to our website( We have developed this Privacy Policy to facilitate you in understanding the way in which we transfer, store, collect and use the information that you provide us. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, so we have written this document to ensure that we clarify our policies in this regard. Aside from other important things, our Privacy Policy helps you understand the reasons why we collect user data. The Privacy Policy also tells you how to change or remove your personal data and with whom we share your data.


If you are using the Website and the Services then it means that you agree to all the terms and conditions that are written in the Privacy Policy along with our Terms of Use. You also recognize that you have read and understood these User Agreements, which is why it is advised that you go through them very carefully. 


1. What Data Do We Collect?

We collect the data directly from the user, these include things like the data we get from other platforms that you connect to the Website. We also gather the information that you enter yourself. Other data is collected automatically like the parts of the Website that you spend the most time using and also the information about the device that you are using.


1.1. The Data You Share With Us

If you create an account and use the Website, including through a third-party websites, we collect the data you provide directly. The data stored by us and associated with your account includes things like:


Account Data: if you wish to get access to some features and purchases on the Website, then you will have to create an account. Whenever you update or create a new account then store the data that you provide like passwords and email addresses.

Account Payment Data: if you want to make any kind of purchase from the Website then you will need to provide your billing data to our payment processing partner. To ensure maximum security, the Website does not collect any sensitive data like credit card numbers. However, we do collect some data such as the name and zip code of the user.

Communication and Support: We also collect data including contact information, messages, email address, location and more every time you contact us to report a problem or for technical support.


1.2. The Data That We Collect Automatically

When you access the Website, we collect some data by automated means. This information is collected through the use of server log files and tracking technologies. This data is stored by us and associated with your account and includes:


Usage Data: we collect usage data from every user, this data includes things like pages accessed, features used, time spent, click data, search queries and other data.

System Data: we also collect technical data known as system data. This kind of data includes things like operating system type, IP address, device type, browser and its language, domain and more.

Approximate Geographic Data: approximate geographic location data is also collect, the information that we collect include country, city and geographic coordinates. All of this data is collected bases on the calculations on your IP address.


2. How Do We Get Data About You?

We use a variety of different tools for gathering user data. These tools include things like analytics services, cookies, web beacons and advertising providers. You do have the choice to stop some tools from being used for data collection.


2.1. Cookies and Data Collection Tools


2.1.1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are a great way for storing, sharing and gathering data related to your internet activities across different websites. Cookies are described as text files that your browser stores as you use the internet. Cookies help in many ways, they help us remember your visits to the Website and give us some valuable information to help you give you a better experience.


We also use session cookies that are deleted automatically after sometime or when you close your browser. The other kind is known as persistent cookies that are stored in the browser for a specific amount of time. We use persistent cookies to gather data related to your activities for a longer period of time, whereas session cookies are used to gather smaller pieces of information.


2.1.2. Why Does The Website Use Cookies and Similar Technologies?

We enhance, measure and deliver our services in many different ways and to ensure our standards we use technologies like pixel tags, web beacons and local shared objects. We also use cookies, irrespective of whether you access the site or use any of our services in the browser or as a mobile version. We accumulate helpful additional data with the aid of newer technologies and methods.


2.1.3. What Are Cookies Privacy Options

How we and our partners use cookies is completely controllable by the user and there are many ways to do that.


As a default setting, many of the popular browsers that we use today accept cookies automatically. However, this is a setting that you can later change by going into the browser settings and decline the cookies option. One thing to keep in mind is that, if you choose this option then you will not be able to customize or sign in to the Website if you change the settings.


2.2. How Do We Use Cookies and Data Collection Tools?

The Website and its service providers than work with us to provide features to the user use different kinds of data collection tools. In addition to server log files, we also used automated data collection tools such as scripts, tags, customized links, cookies, browser fingerprints and web beacons. All of these automated tools are activated when you access or use the Website. It is the duty of these Data Collection Tools to track and gather data like the Usage Data and the System Data whenever you log on to the Website and use it. In some instances we may also tie other data with the data collected by the Data Collection Tools as it has been described in the Privacy Policy.


2.3. Analytics

We use Google Analytics and other third-party mobile and browser analytics services on the Website. With the help of these serves we can analyze your activities on the Website with the help of Data Collection Tools. The information that we get include how often you visit, third-party websites, events of the Website, performance data and where you downloaded the application from. All of this data is used to improve the Website and to understand how the Website works on all of the different devices.


2.4. Online Advertising

To advertise our Website on other websites and application we sometimes use third-party services like Facebook, Google's ad services and Taboola. The ads that are displayed are based on the information that we gather about you. The data we use can be the System Data or the Usage Data, the ad service providers also use the data that they know about you based on their tracking data. Your activity on other sites and services including recent activity is also taken into account during advertisements.


Different advertising services have different ways to gather data, most of these services however opt to place tracking technologies and cookies on your devices to collect data regarding your activity on the Website. The information gathered through tracking and cookies is then used to display the most relevant advertisements. To make sure that the advertisements are always relevant we give the service providers a hashed version of your email address which is basically unreadable by a human, we may also share with them the content that you share publicly on the Website.


If you are using a mobile application then you may also see advertisements. However, depending on the operating system you are using may it be iOS, Android or Windows, they all have different methods to control app advertisements. If you use some other operating system or device then you should go through the privacy settings and get information about your platform.

3. What Do We Use Data From You For?

The data that we collect from the user is used for a variety of different reasons. First and foremost it is given to the Website to improve the user experience, the data is used to communicate with the user and also to troubleshoot issues. This data is also used for security against abuse and fraud, it is used for personalized advertising and to analyze how people interact with the Website.


4. Who Do We Share Data With?

Your data can be shared with some of the companies that are working for us to provide services these include analytics, social media providers, data enrichment providers, advertisement companies and those companies that help us run various surveys and promotion in order to promote our Website. We can also share your data when it's gathered or with your consent. You data can also be shared for security, corporate restructuring and legal compliance.

5. Security

Depending on the sensitivity of the data being stored we use the best and most appropriate methods. There is always a chance of unauthorized access on the internet and we are well aware of that and hence, we recommend our users to immediately establish contact with our team in case you detect or feel something of the sort. We also strongly recommend that you create passwords that are difficult to crack.


Sine we collect and store your data we take it as our responsibility to protect it from being ever disclosed, altered or destroyed and even protect it against unauthorized access. We take measures depending on the extent and sensitivity of the data that is in question. We however, cannot ensure 100% security as it is near to impossible, and cannot guarantee that your data will not be completely safe from unauthorized access during your communication with the Website. At all times, it is strongly suggested that users take all the right measures to protect their passwords and never disclose it to anyone, especially any third parties. You are requested to immediately change your password if you ever feel or suspect that it has been compromised. You always have the option to contact us in this regard.

6. Users' Rights


There are some basic rights to which you are entitled to as one of our users. This includes your right to opt out of cookies, collection of data through analytic services and our promotional emails. You can terminate your account at any time and send us a request regarding your personal data. As a parent, if you feel we have collected some data about an underage child of yours then you should contact us and ask to delete that information immediately.


Note: If you have any other questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via [email protected]

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