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Certified B2C Commerce Developer Updated Certification Dumps

May 13,2021

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer certification dumps have been updated, which are valuable for you to prepare for this Salesforce test. The Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam is designed for eCommerce developers who have a minimum of one year of developer experience, plus three-to-six months of experience in a B2C Commerce Developer role. With studying the updated Certified B2C Commerce Developer certification dumps, you can pass the test in the first attempt. 


Certified B2C Commerce Developer Updated Certification Dumps


Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Exam

Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam information is available below. 
Certified B2C Commerce Developer Developer Exam Information

Certified B2C Commerce Developer Exam Objectives

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer exam measures your knowledge and skills related to the following objectives.

Certified B2C Commerce Developer exam topics

Study Updated Certified B2C Commerce Developer Certification Dumps

To test the above Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer exam objectives, the updated certified B2C Commerce Developer certification dumps are the best preparation material. 
1.A Digital Developer selects “Show Orderable Products Only” in the Search > Search Preferences Business Manager module. Which business goal does this accomplish?
A. Exclude products from search results if Available to Sell (ATS) = 0.
B. Exclude back-ordered products from showing on the website.
C. Block displaying the product detail page if Available to Sell (ATS) = 0.
D. Exclude pre-order products from search results.
Answer: A

2.Universal Containers created a site export file from staging in the global export directory. How should the Digital Developer update their sandbox using this staging site export file?
A. Perform a data replication from staging.
B. Use the Site Development > Site Import & Export Business Manager module.
C. Download the site export file and use UX Studio to transfer the data to the sandbox.
D. Use the Site Development > Import & Export Business Manager module.
Answer: B

3.A Digital Developer added a file named MyBusinessController.js in the cartridge named app_project. The project design calls for this new file to override MyBusinessController.js in client_project. The client_project cartridge contains other necessary functionality. Additional functionality is also included in the storefront_core and storefront_controllers cartridges. Which cartridge path meets the project requirements?
A. client_project:app_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core
B. app_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core
C. app_project:client_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core
D. storefront_core:storefront_controllers:client_project:app_project
Answer: C

4.A Digital Developer has detected storefront pages being rendered with an error message. After inspecting the log files, the Developer discovered that an enforced quota is being exceeded. What action should the Developer take to stop the quota violation?
A. Rewrite the code that is causing the overage.
B. Change the Business Manager configuration for the quota settings.
C. Take no action, the overage will be resolved when concurrent visitors are reduced.
D. Ask support to remove the quota limit.
Answer: B

5.Universal Containers wants to add a model field to each product. Products will have locale-specific model values.How should the Digital Developer implement the requirement?
A. Utilize resource bundles for translatable values.
B. Set the model field as a localizable attribute.
C. Store translated model values in different fields; one field for each locale.
D. Add model to a new custom object with localizable attributes.
Answer: C

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