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Certified Jenkins Engineer CJE Certification Dumps

January 28,2021

Certified Jenkins Engineer CJE certification dumps are available, which are helpful for you to study the test. CloudBees CJE exam covers current versions of Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution. The questions reflect the capabilities of the out-of-the-box standard installation of the product, including the Suggested Plugins. To prepare CJE exam well, the following certified Jenkins Engineer CJE exam information is helpful in the preparation.


Certified Jenkins Engineer CJE Certification Dumps


CloudBees CJE Exam

Number of questions: 60 multiple-choice questions
Duration: 90 minutes
Passing score: 66%

Jenkins Engineer CJE Exam Topics

Jenkins Fundamentals 17%
Jenkins Administration 42%
Jenkins Build Technologies: Pipeline 30%
Jenkins Build Technologies: Freestyle 11%

Share some CJE Certification Dumps Questions

The latest CJE certification dumps questions can help you test the above topics. In the full version of CJE certification dumps, there are 60 Q&As. Share some CJE certification dumps questions and answers below. 
1.The Jenkins Install Wizard allows you to
A. define executor agents
B. define an-admin user for Jenkins
C. completely define the security and notification settings of the Jenkins Instance you are installing
D. define non-admin users for Jenkins
E. define the security settings of the Jenkins instance you are installing
Answer: C

2.Which can be defined in and limited to a specific folder and its subfolders? Choose 4 answers
A. Plugins
B. View definitions
C. Credentials
D. Pipeline shared libraries
E. Permissions to run jobs and Pipeline
Answer: B,C,D,E

3.A freestyle job is set up to "Enable concurrent builds if necessary" and configured to run on a single node. How can you ensure that multiple concurrent runs share the same workspace?
A. Pass the argument -Dhuason.model .Run. lockworkspace=false in the Jenkins master Invocation.
B. Define a "Custom workspace" path for the job.
C. Check "Do not lock workspace" In the Advanced Project Options of the project.
D. Multiple concurrent runs can never share the same workspace.
Answer: B

4.Which practices optimize performance on large systems? Choose 2 answers
A. Avoid modifying Java parameters that control heap size and garbage collection.
B. Use plugins as much as possible.
C. Allocate specific masters for different build types and teams.
D. Run all builds on agents and never on the master itself.
E. Use the maximum number of executors at all times and avoid using labels.
Answer: B,D

5.In Jenkins, a trigger commonly refers to a mechanism that automatically_________.
A. updates plugins
B. sends notification once the build is completed
C. starts the build of a job
D. detects code changes in the repository
Answer: C
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