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E20-526 DELL EMC Technology Architect Certification Dumps

December 24,2020

XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist-Technology Architect, XtremIO Solutions track. We provide helpful DELL EMC E20-526 exam certification dumps, which can help you prepare the test well. Apart from DELL EMC E20-526 certification dumps, you also need to study E20-526 exam related information. 


E20-526 DELL EMC Technology Architect Certification Dumps


DELL EMC E20-526 Exam

DELL EMC E20-526 exam focuses on the knowledge and activities needed for the positioning, designing, and demonstrating of XtremIO and X2 solutions in a customer environment. 
Number of Questions: 60
Duration: 90 minutes
Pass Score: 63

Technology Architect E20-526 Exam Topics

XtremIO and X2 Operations and Management (20%)
Host Configurations in XtremIO and X2 Environments (15%)
XtremIO X2 Data Replication (7%)
XtremIO X2 Optimization and Performance Management (6%)
Positioning XtremIO and X2 (12%)
Data Gathering and Analysis (13%)
Designing an XtremIO X2 Solution (27%)

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DELL EMC E20-526 certification dumps can help you test all the above exam objectives. Share some DELL EMC certification E20-526 certification dumps questions and answers below.

1.When using the XtremIO PoC Toolkit, what is the purpose of the Age phase?

A. Continuously write to a specific range of logical block addresses to test Flash durability

B. Overwrite each LUN multiple times to ensure they contain all unique data

C. Test the performance of the All-Flash array with non-production static data

D. Scatter writes across the entire array to simulate ordinary use of the system

Answer: D


2.A user attempts to create a quorum disk for a host cluster. Volume parameters are:

However, the volume creation fails. What caused the process to fail?

A. Quorum disks cannot have an 8kB block size

B. Volume size is too small

C. Volume name is invalid

D. XtremIO volumes cannot be quorum disks

Answer: B


3.You have been asked to design an XtremIO storage array solution that will be used for two large

applications workloads. One overload will generate approximately 150,000 write IOPs with an average 4

kB 1/0 size. The second write workload will have an average I/O size of 128 kB and will generate

approximately 2 GB/s of throughput.At a minimum, how many X-Bricks are needed in a single cluster to meet this requirement?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8

Answer: A


4.How can REST API commands be run to manage and monitor an XtremIO cluster?

A. From the REST API CLI built into each X-Brick

B. From the REST API GUI built into each X-Brick

C. From a third-party GUI

D. From the REST API tab in the XMS GUI

Answer: C


5.How should a storage administrator navigate to different XtremIO clusters from the XMS GUI if the

administrator has more than one cluster managed by the same XMS?

A. Click the Cluster Name on the Menu bar near the top of the screen

B. Click the Inventory List button on the Menu bar

C. Click the Administration tab and locate the Cluster Name

D. Click the Cluster Name on the Status bar at the bottom of the screen

Answer: B

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