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HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Certification Exam

October 31,2019
HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Certification Exam

1  HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Certification Exam
The following table lists the exams, exam codes, exam names, and exam durations of Huawei Transmission certification programs. This document describes the H31-341 HCIA-Transmission V2.0 exam outline. 

2  HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Exam Outline

First: Exam Content
The HCIP-Transmission V2.0 exam includes a range of knowledge of NG WDM and some technical topics of MSTP. NG WDM includes: NG WDM System Hardware, NG WDM Equipment Networking and Application, NG WDM Optical and Electrical Layer Grooming, NG WDM service configuration, NG WDM Equipment Commissioning, NG WDM Equipment Protection, NG WDM Alarm Signal Flow, NG WDM System Troubleshooting, SOM/FD System Introduction, MS-OTN Technology Introduction and New Transmission Technologies; MSTP includes: Clock Protection, ECC Maintenance and Pointer Adjustment, PCM technology, Board Replacement, Discrete Service Analysis and Handling, MSTP equipment troubleshooting, ASON Introduction and Ethernet Service Common Indicator Test.

Second: Key Points
6% I. NG WDM System Introduction
6% II. NG WDM Equipment Networking and Application
6% III. NG WDM Optical and Electrical Layer Grooming
3% IV. NG WDM Common Data Configuration
3% V. NG WDM Optical Layer Service Configuration
3% VI. NG WDM Electrical Layer Service Configuration
6% VII. NG WDM System Commissioning
3% VIII. NG WDM System Common Indicator Test
6% IX. NG WDM Protection Topic
6% X. NG WDM Equipment Routine Maintenance
6% XI. NG WDM Alarm Signal Flow
3% XII. NG WDM System Troubleshooting
2% XIII. Optical Doctor (OD) System Special Topic
2% XIV. Fiber Doctor (FD) System Special Topic
3% XV. NG WDM Packet Technology Introduction
3% XVI. MS-OTN Networking and Service Introduction
7% XVII. OptiX OSN 1800V Packet Service Configuration
1% XVIII. New Transmission Technologies
3% XIX. MSTP Technology Topic - Clock Protection
3% XX. MSTP Technology Topic - ECC Maintenance and Pointer Adjustment
4.5% XXI. MSTP Technology Topic - PCM Technology
3% XXII. MSTP Board Replacement
1.5% XXIII. Discrete Service Analysis and Handling
1.5% XXIV. Ethernet Service Common Indicator Test
3% XXV. MSTP Equipment Troubleshooting
4.5% XXVI. ASON Intelligent Optical Network
The exam content provided here serves only as a general guide to candidates. Other contents not mentioned here may also be included in the actual exam.

Third: Exam References
HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Training Courses
Huawei Transmission products documents

Fourth: Training Program Recommended
As I said above, it is recommended to use our real questions, test center provide 60 questions for H31-341 HCIA-Transmission V2.0 exam, we got 197 questions from test center. Below I provide 6 questions: 

1. The overhead ratio is a factor that affects the error correction capability of FEC technology. Generally, under the same FEC encoding/decoding algorithm, the higher the overhead ratio, the greater the net coding benefit.
Answer: A

2. For the SSM protocol, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple choice)
A. When the SSM protocol is not enabled, the clock network can only be configured as one-way and cannot be looped.
B. When the extended SSM protocol is started, the clock network can be configured in both directions and can be looped.
C. When the standard SSM protocol is started, the clock network can be configured in both directions but cannot be looped.
D. Whether to start the SSM protocol has little effect on the clock network. 
Answer: ABC

3. The main function of the transport layer in the Huawei ECC protocol stack is _____.
A. Establish and maintain a MAC connection between neighboring network elements.
B. Establish and maintain an ECC routing table.
C. Provide end-to-end communication services to the upper layer
D. Provide data communication services.
Answer: C

4. Which of the following tools may Board replacement use? (Multiple choice)
A. Shielding bag
B. Anti-static gloves
C. Fiber extractor
D. U2000
Answer: ABCD

5. What are the classification of Ethernet performance tests? (Multiple choice)
A. Network equipment performance verification test
B. Network performance test
C. Custom test
Answer: ABC

6. What are the basic principles of MSTP device fault location? (Multiple choice)
A. Network first, then network element
B. Advanced first, then low level
C. Low speed first, then high speed
D. External first, then transfer
Answer: ABD

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