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Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Dumps have been Updated!

October 03,2019

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 certification dumps have been updated, which are your best choice to prepare AZ-500 exam and earn Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. There are 97 Q&As in our new updated Microsoft Azure AZ-500 certification dumps, which can help you test all the following Microsoft certification AZ-500 exam topics. 

AZ-500 Exam Topics

Microsoft certification AZ-500 exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: manage identity and access; implement platform protection; manage security operations; and secure data and applications. 

Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Dumps have been updated!

AZ-500 Certification Dumps

Share some Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam dumps below. 

1.Your company uses Azure DevOps.You need to recommend a method to validate whether the code meets the company’s quality standards and code review standards.What should you recommend implementing in Azure DevOps?

A. branch folders

B. branch permissions

C. branch policies

D. branch locking

Answer: C


2.You have an Azure SQL Database server named SQL1.You plan to turn on Advanced Threat Protection for SQL1 to detect all threat detection types.Which action will Advanced Threat Protection detect as a threat?

A. A user updates more than 50 percent of the records in a table.

B. A user attempts to sign as select * from table1.

C. A user is added to the db_owner database role.

D. A user deletes more than 100 records from the same table.

Answer: B


3.You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure key vault named Vault1. In Vault1, you create a secret named Secret1. An application developer registers an application in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You need to ensure that the application can use Secret1.What should you do?

A. In Azure AD, create a role.

B. In Azure Key Vault, create a key.

C. In Azure Key Vault, create an access policy.

D. In Azure AD, enable Azure AD Application Proxy.

Answer: A

With all of Microsoft certification AZ-500 exam dumps, you can pass the test easily. If you decide to earn Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification, use our new updated Microsoft AZ-500 certification dumps to prepare the test now. 

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