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A+ 220-1001 Exam Questions have been Updated

May 20,2021

220-1001 core 1 exam is one of two required tests for CompTIA A+ certification. We just updated A+ 220-1001 exam questions and answers, which can help you test all the following 220-1001 exam topics: mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing and network troubleshooting. 


A+ 220-1001 exam questions have been updated


To help you pass CompTIA A+ 220-1001 exam easily, we share some updated A+ 220-1001 exam questions and answers below. 


1.When a customer types on a laptop keyboard, the mouse cursor sometimes jumps to random places. Which of the following configuration changes should resolve the Issue?

A. Decrease the keyboard repeat rate.

B. Increase mouse acceleration.

C. Calibrate the touch screen.

D. Disable the touch pad.

Answer: D


2.A technician needs to set up a desktop so a programmer can write applications for mobile operating systems. This will require the installation of:

A. a CPU that supports hyperthreading.

B. a Trusted Platform Module.

C. mobile device management.

D. emulator software.

Answer: D


3.Joe, a user, needs to have a notebook connected to a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard when he is working at his desk. His notebook is not business class, yet is meets company policy for personal computers. Which of the following should a technician install for Joe?

A. Port forwarding device

B. Docking station

C. KVM switch

D. USB hub

Answer: B


4.A technician is ordering a new motherboard and processors for a company email server. When reviewing the vendor licensing agreement, the technician sees that there is a flat per-socket licensing fee. Which of the following motherboard/processor combinations should the technician order get the BEST performance while minimizing licensing fees?

A. A dual-processor motherboard with six hyper threaded cores each.

B. A single-processor motherboard with hyper threaded eight cores.

C. A dual-processor motherboard with eight overclocked cores each.

D. A single-processor motherboard with ten overclocked cores.

Answer: D


5.A technician was asked to virtualize four existing PCs before decommissioning them. The resulting VMs are imported into a new VM workstation running a hypervisor on top of an OS Three of the VMs are running property, but the entire system locks up when trying to start the fourth VM. Which of the following should the technician have reviewed prior to creating the VMs to prevent this from occurring? (Select TWO)

A. Hypervisor requirements

B. Storage requirements

C. Resource requirements

D. Network requirements

E. Backup requirements

F. Security requirements

Answer: A,F


If you are preparing CompTIA A+ 220-1001 exam, please study the updated version with 503 Q&As. 

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