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CV0-002 Certification Dumps have been Updated

October 08,2020

CV0-002 exam is a required test for CompTIA Cloud certification, which reflects an emphasis on incorporating and managing cloud technologies as part of broader systems operations. If you decide to earn CompTIA Cloud+ certification, you need to pass CV0-002 exam successfully. We have updated CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 certification dumps, which are helpful for you to pass the test. 


CV0-002 Certification Dumps have been Updated


CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 Exam

There are about 90 questions in real CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 exam, and you have 90 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of CompTIA CV0-002 exam is 750. The test languages are English and Japanese. The type of CV0-002 questions are Performance-based and multiple-choice questions. You can register CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 exam at Pearson VUE test center. 

CompTIA CV0-002 Exam Topics

CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 exam topics cover the following sections. 
CV0-002 topics

Study CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 Certification Dumps

The updated CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 certification dumps can help you test the above topics. Share some updated CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 certification dumps questions and answers below. 
1.A production IaaS database server contains PCI data and is a critical business capability. The CAB approved a normal code change release for QA and PROD to occur 30 minutes apart and to last a maximum of one hour. The cloud DBA team is 45 minutes behind schedule, so they miss the start time on QA. As the cloud DBA, which of the following is the BEST course of action to apply the code change?
A. Skip QA and apply the code change to PROD to meet time requirements
B. Resubmit another change request for another time for approval
C. Submit an emergency CAB approval to change the time to after business hours
D. Change the time in the CAB request and apply the code change at a more convenient time
Answer: C

2.A customer wants to remove a user’s access to the SaaS CRM system. Which of the following methods should be executed FIRST?
A. User account removal
B. User account lockout
C. User account password change
D. User account disablement
Answer: D

3.Since the hypervisors were upgraded to the latest version, each new deployment results in an error being displayed at the orchestrator. To troubleshoot the issue, which of the following should be done FIRST?
A. Verify the domain account is not locked
B. Upgrade the orchestrator to the latest version
C. Confirm the compatibility matrix
D. Upgrade the VMs to the latest version
Answer: C

4.A company is required to ensure all access to its cloud instance for all users to utilize two-factor authentication. The QA team confirms all functional requirements successfully test. After deployment, all business users report the two-factor authentication is not enforced while accessing the instance.Which of the following would be the MOST likely reason the QA team did not catch the issue?
A. The business users are using the wrong hardware token to log in.
B. The administrator configured to use two-factor authentication by default.
C. The QA team only tested functional requirements.
D. The business users are accessing the instance located in their country.
Answer: C

5.The IT department receives a client request to build multiple file server instances. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way for a cloud systems administrator to fulfill this request?
A. Build file server instances with the OEM DVD
B. Restore a file server base image from backup
C. Use the file server template to build the file server instances
D. Build the server instances using a boot from a SAN image
Answer: D
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